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The School Girl in Me

It’s 75 and sunny, with a nice cool breeze outside. An anomaly for this summer, when the temperature seems to dip below 92 only when it’s raining. My sinuses are reacting as if this is the beginning of fall, and I can’t help but agree. Anthropologie is sending me emails about sweaters, magazines are advertising school supplies and my little sister is beginning her first year at college.

I’m ready for the change. Summer has always been nice — no school, pools are open for days of fun, and now, there’s no reason to make excuses when I feel like having a cocktail on a Saturday morning, especially if I’m at the beach. But the laziness tends to bore me after a while, and my pale skin tends to look better in fall clothes.

For me, Fall is about new beginnings. More so than New Years Eve or the coming of Spring. It’s a time to buy new jeans, get new notebooks, figure out this year’s signature fall color and root out that top from five years ago that suddenly seems like a good thing to wear.

Yeah, I was that little girl who couldn’t wait to go back to school. To see who I would sit next to, what my teacher would be like and whether there were any cute boys in my class. So when weather like this rolls around, I still feel a little bit of a thrill, wondering what this Fall will hold in store for me. A perfect dress, a new best friend, a promotion for me or my husband? Maybe I’ll actually join an orchestra this fall, or find a new hobby for the season. The city of New York is my limit…which of course doesn’t limit me much at all.


A wedding look

I just popped over to APW for my daily morning read, and they haven’t posted yet! So odd for them, but I took it as an opportunity to post about my own practical wedding.

Wedding planning is coming together, and more people are getting involved, so it’s actually becoming fun! I signed up for a blog give-away contest (which I never do!) over at Souris Mariage for a birdcage veil. It’s one of those things that I know I want, but I haven’t really taken the time to even look at them yet. And who knew there were so much different styles?!

Being me, I thought I wanted a French veiling. It sounds so very chic and flirty! And, well, French. But then I looked at the Etsy vendor’s selection (can I just say that a give-away where you get to choose the item is pretty amazing?) and I actually prefer an English “Merrywidow” veiling.

When I think about the fun veil, and the hot pink shoes I just bought, and the turquoise necklace that’s been sitting around in my jewelry box just waiting to be worn, I’m confident I can pull off my typically very colorful style while still wearing white.

Now if only I can decide on what to do with my hair…

On dresses

From Alabama Chanin

That dress. It looks like peace and simplicity. And please click through here and take a closer look at those details. Awe. My dress designer (a gal who basically grew up as a sister to me) pointed me in this direction and asked if I liked the aesthetic of Alabama Chanin. Ummm…yes.

So that’s the beginning of the inspiration for my dress. The feeling it gives off in its simplicity.

Meanwhile, I need to say something about Mother-of-the-Bride dresses. Do people actually buy those? Do they love their mothers?

The Rose Dress, featured on

All of these designers came out of the woodworks and started making cute, fun, wearable dresses for bridesmaids: LulaKate, The Dessy Group, J Crew, Simple Silhouettes; and they forgot about the mothers!

At least they got it off to a good start with the bridesmaids. I tried on some of LulaKate’s collection over the weekend and love it! This dress fit beautifully and should be a winner: