A Woman Distracted

“If you don’t have anything bad to say about a relationship, you shouldn’t say anything at all.”

– George on Seinfeld

OK, so that’s only part of the reason I haven’t been updating this blog. Because who wants to read about how nervous I was to say I love you, and then overjoyed when he said it back? Or how excited I am about the Valentines Day gift that I bought him?

But aside from my lovely distraction, who unfortunately lives in Boston, I have been absorbed in other things lately, and these things I’m going to share.

1. I’m writing. Well obviously, you’re thinking. But really, I submitted an essay to Skirt! magazine and I plan to submit at least one piece each month. Essays, memoirs, short stories, who knows — You might read a novel of mine someday. It all has to start somewhere.

(http://www.skirt.com/ “Women’s online resource for opinion, poetry, fashion, resources, fun and irreverence.”)

2. I’m reading. Did you know that there are magazines out there for young women whose cover stories have nothing to do with how to please your man or how much weight Jessica Simpson has gained? Check these out ladies:

Bust, Pink, and a couple writers mags

My new favorite magazines: Bust, Pink, and a couple writers mags

BUST – “For women with something to get off their chests” I picked up thismagazine thinking that it would cater to extreme fringe feminists who are on the brink of rejecting gender altogether (From an outside standpoint, I admire those women, but if this mag was targeted at them, I wouldn’t fit the audience.)

Instead, I found trendy craft and fashion ideas, a news piece on why women are paying more for health care, feature stories on Cowgirls — the first American feminists, and great reviews on newly released CDs and books. Basically, your typical women’s mag without all the stories that make you feel like crap. And do you honestly need to read another article about 69 ways to make your man gasp in bed? Although BUST does have a One-Handed Read in the back, a nice touch to complete the frank and honest publication.

PINK – “a beautiful career, a beautiful life” is a business mag for women with style. With articles on how to handle your hefty bank account when you get married, how to get the most out of your heels without killing your feet, and a feature on the similarities between online job hunting and online dating for those women who are feeling a little out of touch with their flirtatious bar-crawling days.

This one is heading in the right direction, but it’s small. And by that I mean thin. The story ideas are huge — my fav was the highlight on the 13 women who are leading countries right now. And despite the stories on shoes, the suggested designer bags for laptops and the pink font everywhere, PINK keeps a business voice. It’s a nice blend of serious talk with a fun attitude.

3. I’m planning. I’ve got a file cabinet now and I’m trying to decide what should go in it besides my W-2 form. If I keep reading and writing, I might be able to actually put it to use. So, off I go to write something brilliant. I’ve got to be fast tonight because that boy I mentioned will call in about an hour…

p.s. I’m not sharing him