Wedding recap

by Alice

My bridesmaids told me I was the calmest bride they’d ever seen. And while I think it might be a more interesting story to tell you that the calm was just a front — that I was actually bursting at the seems with nerves and bridezilla-ness, that’s not the case. Sitting in that side room, listening to the beginning of the ceremony, I was as cool as a cucumber.

I made a good choice in my bridal brigade. I avoided people who like to stress or dramatize situations, so from the girls who helped me create centerpieces to my lovely dressmaker and my bridesmaids who put my hair and face together and sat with me that morning, I have to say that I have some smart and sensible friends. Not to mention my adoring husband, who stopped any potential worrying in its tracks by just being himself, the guy I want to commit to, every day.

Photo by Brad Luttrell

And then, because it was in Louisville, and because it felt like someone lifted the gates yelling, “And she’s off!”, I’ll give you the horse-racing version,

Going round the church now with Dad, here comes the bride. The birds keep singing and people are smiling and suddenly she’s at the groom’s side and her dad is trying not to cry as he hurries back to his seat.

The bride and groom are trying to pay attention to the readings now, but keep slipping smiles at each other…oh wait, here’s a song. .The bride is engrossed in the ceremony for a moment before turning back to Jon.

The priest has called them up now for the vows and there’s a moment where something may have gone wrong…is it in good times and bad or for richer for poorer? But the slip-up is unnoticed and they turn the corner, offering peace to everyone in the front row…and Jon steps a bit on the dress, the audience holds its breath…but she turns and beams at him, making sure he goes first around the next bend.

They light the candles, they sing another song and everyone files out exclaiming about the weather, the bride’s dress and and what a lovely homily the priest gave.

And now we’re in the final stretch; despite the traffic that holds up some of the bridesmaids, the bride and groom arrive at the reception on time. The dance is a bit tricky and they chide each other playfully but soon get back on track, working the room and thanking everyone for coming.

By the time Livin’ on a Prayer comes through the speakers, the two are sweating and running out of steam. But they keep pushing on until the end…and bid their adieus.  Whisked down the street, stopped by some scavenger hunters who want a photo and up into the room where they take off their worn shoes and sink into the bed.

I’m still waiting on photos from my official photographer, so more on this later, but I have to agree with my mom who said, “If anyone didn’t have fun at this wedding, it was their own fault.” Jon and I had a blast. And we never want to do it again. 🙂