Road Trip!

by Alice

To launch our wedding week, Jon and I are driving from Hoboken down to Louisville, KY, the site of our nuptials. Whooo! We’re renting a car, bringing the dog and taking the long route because West Virginia has better scenery than Ohio.

Jon and Chomsky

My traveling companions

I dug through my closet of bags (seriously) and pulled out a nice sized canvas bag for all the trip essentials. My mom always had such a bag for our family vacations and I feel like it would be wise to follow her example for this 13-hour drive through the mountains.

  1. Sunscreen. It was already in the bag and I’ve had too many sunburns from long car trips to risk not having it. Burnt right arm on my wedding day? No thank you.
  2. CDs. Yeah, yeah, we have iPods, but we’re renting a car, remember? This calls for a collection of hopefully-unscratched CDs that we can both enjoy. As for radio, WV may have good scenery but I’m not counting on great music.
  3. Snacks. Cape Cod chips, fruit snacks, chocolate and jerky. Mmmmmm.
  4. Drinks. Pop and bottled water. And of course I’ll buy some coffee on our way out of town.
  5. Dog accessories. Chomsky is very high maintenance and might need his own bag: Food, bottled water and water bowl, leash, Everlasting Treat fillers, Nylabone, small treats, plastic bags, a bottle of Nature’s Miracle and some paper towels just in case.
  6. iPhone–fully charged. For directions, updates to family and entertainment.
  7. Printed Google directions. For when the iPhone fails.
  8. Camera. You know we’re going to have to stop at some weird place because the dog (or one of us I suppose) has to pee. Jon is charging his camera now.
  9. Blanket. I’m debating between the soft furry UK blanket and the amazing quilt that we received as a wedding gift!
  10. A sense of humor and a lot of patience. I would say that this will be the first big test for our marriage except that we won’t quite be married yet. I guess that designation belongs to the trip back after the wedding. Either way, aside from little ZipCar excursions here and there around NYC, we don’t drive together too often. This is going to be a llllooonnngg trip so we’d better make the best of it.