Wedding Zen

by Alice

OK People. I’ve made it. I’ve hit Wedding Zen.

My mom called me today, as she does every day, with a new bag of questions. The Tittles lady hasn’t responded to my email; what if she’s unreliable? Who is your cousin going to golf with? Do you think six people at a table is OK?

The difference was, today I said who cares. The men can figure out who’s golfing with whom. They’re big boys. Even my cousin. 6 people? They’re all friends, they’ll be fine. And Tittles, well frankly if she doesn’t show up and we have no cake balls, I don’t care because I will be married. Yay!

Then she said, Well you seem a lot less stressed than I am. I told her she needs to get that way. And soon.

Because we’ve made all of our big decisions. We’ve dotted the Is and crossed the Ts and now I’ve just got to walk down that aisle toward Jon and celebrate afterward. If something goes wrong, and something surely will, it’s OK.

I’ve heard many a smart bride say just that. But now I am living it. And it’s kind of awesome.