My Kindle Has Been Deprived of a Legend

by Alice

I need to catch up on my Deathly Hallows. I read the book back when it came out, and while I’m waiting for the movie to come out on DVD it seems that a refresher of the story is in order. Especially since I’m about to take a cross-continental flight.

But lo and behold, it’s not in the Kindle store. The top-selling book on Amazon is not available as an e-book. They say Ms. Rowling doesn’t want her book remade into something as fleeting as an e-book. That the experience of enjoying a book has something to do with the smell of the pages, the weight of the spine. I can’t find any actual statement from her on this matter, but I can only assume it to be true considering that both of her publishers, Bloomsbury and Scholastic, have other books available as e-books. This includes the recently popular Hunger Games series, which has a very similar audience.

Although I don’t agree with her, I can see her point. But how is this so much different than the digital audio files that she released to iTunes in 2005? Her reason at that time was to prevent false audio files from surviving in the marketplace. Surely the same reason must apply to e-books as well. Some world traveler somewhere has scanned his copy of the printed book into a PDF and sent it to himself on Kindle.

The mind is a stubborn thing however. And as I painfully rewrite signature blocks by hand on 30-plus contracts, I can see that for someone who wrote 7 long books by hand in the age of computers, it will take more than logic and popularity to come to terms with the e-book.