A wedding look

by Alice

I just popped over to APW for my daily morning read, and they haven’t posted yet! So odd for them, but I took it as an opportunity to post about my own practical wedding.

Wedding planning is coming together, and more people are getting involved, so it’s actually becoming fun! I signed up for a blog give-away contest (which I never do!) over at Souris Mariage for a birdcage veil. It’s one of those things that I know I want, but I haven’t really taken the time to even look at them yet. And who knew there were so much different styles?!

Being me, I thought I wanted a French veiling. It sounds so very chic and flirty! And, well, French. But then I looked at the Etsy vendor’s selection (can I just say that a give-away where you get to choose the item is pretty amazing?) and I actually prefer an English “Merrywidow” veiling.

When I think about the fun veil, and the hot pink shoes I just bought, and the turquoise necklace that’s been sitting around in my jewelry box just waiting to be worn, I’m confident I can pull off my typically very colorful style while still wearing white.

Now if only I can decide on what to do with my hair…