Paper goods sorted out

by Alice

I had a minor freak-out moment yesterday when I heard that one of my friends thought he wasn’t invited to the wedding because he didn’t get a save-the-date. Like any good bride, I immediately whipped out my guest list and the file that I printed address labels from to confirm that I had not forgotten him. And then I blamed USPS. Because how sad is it that he did not get to see how adorable Jon and I look on this save-the-date?!

*Note, the date is NOT April 18. That's a template.

OK, that’s not the only reason I was upset. He was the fifth person I’d heard of who didn’t get this in the mail. Who knows how many other people didn’t get it. So I sent around an email as a catch-all (with the pic! yay!) and all is now right with the world.

(In the end, the rumors were wrong. He did get the save-the-date; it’s on his fridge — awww. But a few friends thanked me for the e-STD anyway because they had either lost or never received the paper one.)

In other paper news, I ordered my invites earlier this week. Initially, I was disappointed that my mom preferred something classic without too much of that pretty design that I see on all the wedding blog invites. But in the end I’m very happy with it.

Here’s a sneak peak:

It’s very elegant and some how managed to match the save-the-date. How very blog worthy of me! And for those who are squinting to see the script at the bottom, it’s my very favorite author’s very silly character Miss Bates, who once said,

“It is such happiness when good people get together — and they always do.”