Giving Thanks

by Alice

When Thanksgiving practically throws a topic into my lap to blog about, I guess I should come out of hiding and get writing. I’ve been drafting a Christmas list of things that I want, so to balance it out, here’s the list of things I already have that I’m thankful for:

1. Jon, for being everything I always wished for in a man: Smart and funny with soft eyes, a sense of financial responsibility, impressive social skills, a kind heart and dashing good looks; and for being there for me.

2. A Practical Wedding, which is so much more than a wedding blog, for providing a meeting spot for supportive women to gather, a modern Red Tent if you will.

3. My family, who have graciously accepted and encouraged my life choices, even though it has meant that I am now 1,000 miles away and marrying a man they hardly know.

4. Books, in their many formats, for giving me knowledge, entertainment, some cozy home decor, and a job. Seriously, what would I do without them?

5. Friends — far-flung, back home and down the block — for their advice, for laughs, for listening and for the small moments they’ve shared with me.

Cheers and apple pie! (Oooh, did I mention that I’m also thankful for food and holiday cocktails?)