wedding world: Photography

by Alice

A shout out to brides in Louisville. There are not many good blogs for creative/budget weddings in the South. Most of them focus on California. Which is fine until you start talking about vendors. DJs, photographers, caterers, venues, bakeries.

To a lot of people (including me!), photography is a big one. And not many people want to pay for travel costs from LA. Or use the guys featured in Louisville Bride magazine that charge upwards of $5,000. I was really hoping for something under $2,000.

Because I’m a former newsie and know a lot of photojournalists, I first considered using one of my friends. But after much consideration, I really would prefer that my wedding be a fun day for them — not a day of work. But I do recommend them to the wedding world at large.

Brad Luttrell. – Brad likes families and joy. And it shows. He’s getting married in August, which should add to his knowledge of weddings, although he’s been shooting them for  a while now, working with another friend of mine…

Emily Coovert. – Emily’s photos are awesome. Every time I look at her photos, I want to be the bride on the other end of her camera.

Reggie Beehner. — This guy is not a friend of mine, but he may have been my photographer if he hadn’t already been booked. He teaches photojournalism at EKU and lives in Lexington. As I told him, his photos really capture the small moments and the joy.

Shannen Deckard. — My photographer. Ultimately, I wanted someone who could capture candid moments, not just pose people on the other side of the lens. Shannen does that. She also provides a DVD of fully edited photos and gives me the copyright to them so that I can make prints and post photos on Facebook as I please. I’ve seen her work on other weddings and I know she’ll do a great job with mine.