Panic on Photography Prices

by Alice

I have sanely tried on bridesmaid dresses that cost more than $300. Took a discerning business eye  to catering proposals with quotes of $12,000. So why is it that photography package prices twist a knot in my stomach and make it difficult to swallow?

$2,000 for a base package, says a photographer, a girl I knew in college. Maybe I was too quick to turn her down. She’s only moderately out of my price range, I realized, when I later came across a photographer who charged five times that.

The problem is, I can tell the difference between good and bad photography. Between joy and static poses. Between a perfect crop and a jumbled scene.

Affordable Photography of Kentucky can take photos and send them to me sans editing for $500. But I want their expertise.

I remember days from the news room. The photogs had taken thousands of photos for a story about a soldier going to war. They narrowed them down to about 30, and hung those on the wall. And stared at them all day. During lunch. At midnight. Moving the ones they liked best toward the top, and maybe back down again. And then they cropped them into tiny pieces of enormous significance.

I can’t do that to 1,000 photos. I don’t have the patience or the vision. Only the appreciation. So I suppose that I should pay them what they deserve and break my crumbling budget in yet another spot.