A Girl’s Last Night Out

by Alice

I just got invited to a friend’s bachelorette party, and my first thought was, does she know about this? Does she even want this?

Because my experience in bachelorette parties involves watching snippets of Bridezillas, where angry brides-to-be go out drinking, yelling at their friends, and inevitably, their fiance enters the scene and punches a guy. Even the toned down versions of that seems somewhat creepy to me  — handing out lingerie and preparing for the wedding night.

Women were having bachelorette parties because men were having bachelor parties. And I couldn’t figure out why that bothered me.

Bachelor parties give men a chance to go out and enjoy their youth and spend time with the guys before they have a wife and children and are not able to do silly, reckless (and fun) things they might have done in their single days.

And it’s fine by me for women to do that too.

But it also gives the groom a chance to celebrate his engagement to a woman he’s in love with at a time when everything is about the bride. And while it is their marriage, society has deemed that the wedding day is hers.

So to those Bridezillas who bitch and whine and moan about every piece of their extravagant weddings just because they can get away with it, because they believe that the wedding is their day more than it is their grooms’, well those grooms deserve a bachelor party. And those brides probably don’t.

But my friend, who has insisted that her wedding be a practical, fun, “messy”, little get-together, and who wants her finance to have as much fun with it as she does. She deserves an awesome bachelorette send-off.