An Ex Note

by Alice

At 24, I’m at the age when friends from grade school and on are gettin hitched. My workout buddy and I were talking about it the other day when she mentioned one of her high school boyfriends had just gotten married.

Really? Wow, that would be weird.

So I took inventory. On Facebook. From middle school, two of my friends are married, three are engaged. High school, about another 5 are married and/or engaged. And I must have started hanging out with some restless, non-committal people in college because only one is married. And she isn’t even a really close friend. The point: All of them are female.

Not a single one of my ex-boyfriends or even ex-massive-crushes is engaged or married. So let’s see, that covers Andrew, Ryan, Matt W, Matt K, CJ, Jackson, Nathan, Carter, Tom, and Ed. That’s 10.

I’m not sure if that says anything about me, or even about then, for that matter. But I thought it was worth noting.