Reggie the Rug

I’m staring out the window, hoping that the people walking by about a foot from my face don’t look at me.  I saw a FedEx truck drive by about 30 minutes ago and I haven’t been able to sit still since. What if they forgot about my delivery?

I took off work today so I could be around when this rug arrives.



Reggie Spice Rug from Crate and Barrel

A beauty, isn’t she? We ordered her in September, and she was on back order until October, then November. We weren’t expecting to get this thing until the winter snows of February. And then suddenly, and email on Sunday said it would be delivered by FedEx today.

I took off work. I’m afraid to take a shower. I haven’t voted yet. But I have answered work emails, folded the laundry and started a new load, cleaned out the brownie pan that’s been sitting on the counter for 2 weeks, watered the plants upstairs, and now, wrote a blog post. If only FedEx could be so productive and deliver the rug.

I think I’ll now start making a list of the things I should do once the rug arrives and I can actually go places. Or maybe I’ll just sit around and admire it. 🙂