Getting Beyond the Bottom Line

by Alice

I was a straight-A student, an overachiever. Graduating from college and getting an entry-level administrative position was like signing up for a year of vacation. And now I’m bored.

What does society expect to do with men and women who used to be honor students, who stayed up until 2 am every night just to finish that book and write that 5-page paper that they didn’t have time to do amidst running a desk at the daily newspaper, working at the local lawfirm or planning a community charity event for their sorority? 

I’ve been here a year. I like my company, I admire my managers, and I want to make decisions beyond what time to schedule the next meeting. But how can we all expect to be promoted after a year?

Of course, I’m somewhat hesitant to jump back into my old overachieving, slightly workaholic mindset. I’ve finally started to watch TV, catch up on movies, and read books that have been on my list for quite a while. And I have fears. Can I really make it in a NYC business where I could potentially make decisions worth $1 billion in revenue? Am I ready for the risks? Do I have enough smarts and imagination to come up with the ideas before the other people around me? Because I sure don’t have the experience. 

But I’m not sure I have a choice. This is the way society bred me. I’m hoping that it’s also the reason I was hired.