Finding “Home”

by Alice

Mmmm…I just made Green Pea and Bacon Risotto — something I could not have done without the help of 2 people:

1) My Mom, for sending me pots, pans, a wooden spoon and various other kitchen essentials (Thanks Mom!)

2) Jersey City food blogger: thursday night smackdown

I finally feel at home — no roommates, a computer that works, and a kitchen that is ALL MINE! Well, the boyfriend might dispute that when he moves in next week, as he’s really into meat and sauce. 

My home is a lovely 3-story townhouse with a deck, a washer-dryer, and a dishwasher! Let’s just say that it’s very difficult to get all three of those things in one apartment if you’re within 20 minutes of Manhattan. The place is old, built in the 1880s for laborers working on the Stevens Institute for the Stevens family.

That piece of history come from, where I found plenty of interesting Hoboken facts. Most relevant was that composer Stephan Foster, who wrote Kentucky’s My Old Kentucky Home, lived in Hoboken on the corner of 6th and Bloomfield in 1854, a year after he wrote the song. How fitting that I discover that when I finally feel at home. 🙂

(I’m signing off now, but I promise that I plan to blog at least once a week now that I have a new computer!!!)