A practical debate

by Alice

Now that you are privy to my inner-most feelings for Jon, I have to admit that the practical side of me is just itching to cause some kind of conflict.

It began to gather troops when he said, “When we live in the same city, would we be living together or separately?”

My immediate answer was separately. His was the opposite.

My live-in rule is simple: I’d like to live by myself at some point, and I will only live with a man I’m dating if we both intend to marry each other.

Of course it would be great to see him every day, snuggle up next to him as I fall asleep, go grocery shopping and pet hunting together.

But it’s a bit of a drastic step to go from seeing each other on weekends to living with each other. And all those statistics about how most people who live together don’t end up marrying…well that’s a downer.

Then again, how many people who date in general end up marrying each other? How many people last through a long-distance relationship? The rent would be cheaper, especially in either of our high cost-of-living cities. And it would be nice to come home to someone I cared about, as opposed to two strangers I happen to live with.

So you can see how my practicalities are arguing with my sensibilities (in the olde sense of the word). In the end, I think it all comes down to one question.

If we were to live together, do I lose my bargaining tool for marriage?

A fair, practical question. But then again, do I need a bargaining tool? I’m 100 percent sure he wants to marry me and intends to propose at some point down the line. And I’m 100 percent sure that I intend to say yes when he does.

I think I just agreed with idea of living together. Please tell me I’m not crazy.