The balance between paper and screen

by Alice

OK, you’ve caught me. I’m guilty! I took nearly a month off. And not only that, I did it to submit to a print magazine.

The shame!

But even as I read in TIME magazine about Kindle and the success of other online publishers, and the growing popularity — and even success — of self-publishing among writers, I neglect my blog to write for “more important venues.”

Why? Because I still go to the bookstore to buy a book that I read about inThe New Yorker or Publishers Weekly. Because when I read submissions guidelines for magazines, they suggest that I read the print version before submitting. Because people like to read ink on paper!

So I submitted to Skirt!, a women’s mag dedicated to promoting stories and lives of women. Not sex and scandal.

I walked into Borders this weekend (a former employer, but now it almost seems an underdog in the book publishing biz as there is only one branch in NYC!), and I bought two women’s mags, PINK and BUST, because I’d never read them, but I knew they were not just targeted toward real women, they are about real women.

Sure, I’ve seen those mags on the internet, and I heard about them on news radio, but that just led me to the print.

Call me old-fashioned, but the internet is the new filter, the new watchdog. Editors and journalists don’t have to dig so deep to find the new big story, the latest bestseller, because bloggers and other internet junkies have already done the preliminary research for them.

I love blogging. But honestly, who reads this? My friends — new and old — and my stalkers — crazy and business-related.

So I submitted to Skirt!, and I promise to attach a link to a bunch of posts if I actually get published.

But in the meantime, I will only say this — I’m in love. The kind of love that I would marry for. And if I write again within the next week, that’s what I will write about on this blog. Let’s hope that I do, because what kind of print mag would print that cliche crap?