Switching between buses, planes, trains (oh my!)

by Alice

Traveling in the Northeast is such a pleasant experience! So many options — by plane or train, or a road trip adventure with friends stuffed into a sedan. And then of course, my personal favorite, the bus.

Buses like the Fung Wah bus (aka Chinatown bus) and Megabus offer cheaper fares, a nice view, and a chance to meet other travelers. It’s great..that is until you’re flying down the highway with the windows flapping in the 20-degree breeze.

I left Boston at 2:30 p.m. Monday, fully expecting to arrive in midtown Manhattan at 6:20 that evening. Until the bus began to get uncomfortably warm. (Very odd, considering I usually feel uncomfortably chilled.)

The people around me kept getting up, stuffing more clothes into the overhead storage — somehow the same people kept getting up to do this; they must have been wearing 10 layers — or rushing to the front to complain to the driver. Perhaps telling her that we would soon all be naked if she didn’t override the heat.

We pulled off on an obscure exit in Connecticut while she called her boss. The heat, he said, could not be turned off. So we drove for more than an hour with the comfort of winter air rushing through the emergency windows before switching to another bus in another Connecticut city.

The worst part? The switch had been planned ahead of time for a known mechanical error.

This right after the plane landed in the Hudson River because geese flew into its engines.

I must admit, it’s a good thing we have so many traveling options up here in the Northeast. Trains always were my favorite…