Singlehood Fading…. :(

by Alice

I think I might have a boyfriend. Damn.

I really did not want to pop right back into an exclusive relationship after being single in NYC for a measly four months. And WHY would a guy who clearly isn’t a serial-dater suddenly act all boyfriendish toward me?

Boston said he hasn’t dated anyone since college. He graduated 3 1/2 years ago.

We haven’t said what we’re doing, but I think it’s slanting down toward the dating end of the table. We text about 10-20 times a day, call each other a couple times a week, and we’re scheduling monthly to bi-monthly trips to each other’s respective cities.

She even stopped wearing pink! (That won't happen to me)

She even stopped wearing pink! (That won't happen to me)

I’m beginning to feel guilty about flirting with other guys…

SINGLEHOOD! Where did you go?

I want to be single.

He clearly doesn’t date often, so we can conclude that he wants to be single.

We live in different cities, so singlehood should be the obvious resort.

BUT, we liked each other immediately. I think they call that chemistry. Whatever it is, I invited him to a New Year’s Eve party.