Dedicated Snow Men (and Women)

by Alice

People in Hoboken were on a mission on Friday. They marched out of their tiny brownstone apartments with shovels and bags of salt. That was dedication, I thought. I, on the other hand, was going home to my brownstone to drink tea and watch the snow fall.

Then the cold hit, and I realized it was not dedication, it was necessity. Yesterday was cold. 12°F according to National Weather Service records, which always seem to be a bit cautious. I took the bus, which I never do, because my face was freezing, quite literally. Today was better, so I walked. But the sidewalks in front of brownstones owned by lazy, non-dedicated people (like me) were impossible!

I’m sure it’s no worse back home. You mix snow/slush with bone-chilling temperatures and you get terrible sidewalks. But sidewalks are used so much more in urban areas! I don’t have a car to escape to. I have boots. And the streets are clear, but clear sidewalks depend on the dedication of the surrounding residents.

So it’s true that most people up here don’t have to worry about mowing lawns or even scraping windshields. But they have to shovel sidewalks. Or people will fall a few times before making it to the subway.