Oh, the places I’ll go

by Alice

In the spirit of meeting new people and doing different things, I ventured out to Times Square last week to meet two girls for a concert. I had met one of them at a book club meeting once and the other one, neither of us had met. We only knew that she was British and an avid Hanson fan.

That’s right, here I was, standing in line for nearly two hours outside the Nokia Theatre with two girls I barely knew, to see what I remembered as long-haired Mmm-Bopping teenagers. What I came to find out is that they now have five albums, they’re all married with kids and they have a large fan base among women my age. (They also happen to be incredibly good looking…). Jenny, who I’ve discovered is part of that fan base, has all five albums on her iPod, so I tried to catch up before the show began.

It was a little different to fight my way through a moshpit of screaming women instead of big, sweaty men. Hanson put on a great show, but I have to admit, the fans put on quite a show themselves. They knew every word to every single song, and they even made Zac blush a few times. (Below are some pics from my iPhone, and yes, that’s a guy in the far left of the first one. I think he was there with his girlfriend.)

Although I feel kind of silly admitting that my first New York concert was Hanson, we’ve all got to start somewhere, right?