Becoming a local

by Alice

My friend Keith read a NYT article about how long it takes young people to adjust to living in New York City. He asked me what stage I’m at.

I read through it, and tried to place myself. But I’m either very well adjusted or haven’t even started, because, as I told him, I still think I can bring my niceness to the city. Sure I walk fast and weave through crowds, but I’ve always done that, and like anyone properly raised in the South, I still apologize when I run into people.

Adjusting to NYC is not really all that different than adjusting to any city 1,000 miles from home. In fact, it might be easier, because there are so many people here, that everyone is bound to fit in somewhere. I’ve found friends from home who are here, and new friends who are so much like me that I wonder at how I haven’t always known them.

So have I adjusted? I bought a little pot of ivy that’s made a home on my window sill, photos adorn my walls and I have a favorite local coffee shop. But probably most telling, I don’t have any definite plans for the weekend and I feel like it’s going to be very laid back and relaxing. Who but a local would say that when living in the city that never sleeps?