A people-friendly city

by Alice

Whoever said people are rude in New York forgot that they are also very people-friendly.

As I sit here alone in the quaint garden deck behind my friend’s apartment, I am aware that I am very much surrounded by other people. At least 14 families live an area that would usually contain two in Kentucky. The shouts of boys playing baseball echo from the field beyond my little brick wall, the topsy-turvy tunes of an ice cream truck mosey down the street.

Anyone who has ever walked down 34th Street in the middle of the day will tell you: New Yorkers love people. If they didn’t they wouldn’t live here, because this city thrives on its diversity, its crowds, its tourists. According to NYC’s Department of City Planning, the population of the city in 2006 was 8,250,567. Just try imagining a million people, then multiply that by eight, then add a couple hundred thousand. And that’s not including all those guys milling about in Times Square, stopping the woman who finally got out of the office, who wants to go home and make dinner, if she will take their photo.

Luckily for me, I like people. Sure I might have to settle for a smaller dog because I won’t have a backyard for a Golden Retriever to run around in, but this feeling of community includes all sorts of people, and this small deck is home to tomato plants, basel, trees and flowers, and this kind of life, it’s worth living for.