Has dating become extinct?

I’ve been single for about 6 months. Single life has been fabulous: nights out with the girls, guiltless flirtations, more time to focus on my work. But dates? Does that word exist beyond the strange form of nut that I associate with holiday sweets? (date cake maybe? date cookies? I know there some sort of date sweet thing…) Anyway, my point is I want to figure out what a date is. And I don’t want my research to have anything to do with cookbooks.

I’ve heard that a date is when two people go to a movie or dinner or (ideally) something a bit more original to try to get to know each other. Fascinating really, this concept. I’ve seen it on movies, read about it in books, magazines are always instructing the proper way to act on a date. In the last 6 months, however, dates seem to have become extinct. Men have often complained about how they have to pay on these so-called dates. I think they must have all banded together and decided to quit them altogether. It certainly solves their financial issue.

The new-age “date” is the party invite. Instead of “Would you like to join me for dinner,” the new way to show an interest in a girl is “So, I’m going to this party on Friday, you should come.” He doesn’t offer to pick you up, once you get there there’s no guarantee that he’ll be there, if he is there there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually get to know him, and the most common conclusion is a lovely make-out session.

This method works for many people. It’s worked for me for awhile. But lately I’ve begun to wonder what a date is like. So much so that I’ve ventured so far as to suggest it to a few guys. As of yet, I’ve had no luck in that department. Lunch? Something always comes up. Coffee? He doesn’t drink coffee. (or worse, he does but just doesn’t really want it right now…) Dinner? I’m still working on getting any answer at all to this suggestion; it’s as if the very thought of dinner with a girl is too shocking to comprehend and respond to.

If it would help, I’d offer to pay for my coffee, my lunch, my dinner, because the real goal here is not to get free food and entertainment, but to get to know someone. Somehow I don’t think that’s the problem though. Guys in college, from what I’ve noticed, just don’t like the idea of a date. Hence why it is gradually slipping into nonexistence.

Perhaps I’m wrong; I really hope I am because I’d like to experience a date that’s not someone else’s on a chick flick.